Pre-school Family Education Center

The Pekin Pre-School Family Education Center (PFEC) "is an evolving community school dedicated to the education of children and families through quality instruction, active partnerships, and community involvement." These pre-school children often come from homes with limited means. PFEC encourages increased parental involvement including GED training for parents and the social/emotional development of children.

Supported exclusively by grants and outside financial assistance the school is subjected to the limitations of that funding. In 2012 it was determined that the school lacked the funding needed to provide important professional counseling that identifies early development problems in pre-school children. The Pekin Rotary Club stepped forward, volunteering to raise the funds needed to provide this indispensible service. The club does this at its annual mid-year Installation Banquet, by conducting a Silent Auction of items donated- and bid on- by club members. PFEC, in turn, has been able to provide counseling service and provide much needed assistance to teachers, and most importantly, the children and families they serve.

The Pekin Rotary Club is proud to point to this undertaking as part of their committment to youth and literacy. More important, we are equally proud to play a role in possibly changing a child's life.