Pekin Rotary Club's Charter

In April 1920, when our nation was recovering from World War I, five Pekin businessmen decided that a Rotary Club would be an asset to our community. They were: Harry Wilmot, Walton T. Conover, Frank Beyer, Carl E. Kraeger and Louis C. Moschel. With help from the Canton Rotary Club (founded one year earlier) as official organizer, 25 men signed on as charter members – names of which are still familiar in Pekin:

  • Dr. W. A. Balcke
  • Frank W. Beyer
  • William E. Conkel
    Landscape Gardening
  • Walton T. Conover
    Men’s Clothing
  • L. Conklin
    Lumber Retailing
  • W. Friederich
  • Bert Hardy
    Hotel Mangagement
  • Carl G. Herget
    Cooperage Industry
  • Harry E. Hough
    Yeast Industry
  • H. Jansen
    Road Construction
  • Henry B. Koch
    Ice Manufacturing
  • Carl E. Kraeger
    Drugs Retailing
  • Paul H. Massey
    News Bureau
  • Louis C. Moschel
    Railroad Transportation
  • Arthur H. Siple
    Farm Management
  • Phil H. Sipfle
    Farm Management
  • Phil H. Siple
    Life Insurance
  • L. Spangenberger
  • Myron E. Tambling
    Federal Government
  • Harry C. Wilmot
    Funeral Director
  • R. Yocum
    Central Light Co.
  • Vincent P. Turner
  • Dr. Arno Zimmerman
    Protestant Pastor

The Charter presentation took place at the Tazewell Hotel on the evening of May 12, 1920. Louis Moschel was chosen as the first president and Phil H. Sipfle was elected secretary.